Purchased 4 bottles of Black Cashmere. Received 4 bottles of Cashmere Mist. Contacted FragranceX by email, and then by phone. Was told by the CSR that the shipping fee would be reimbursed to me because they had made the error (as stated on their website). Was told that they didn”t issue return labels to Canada, and that I would be reimbursed for my costs to return the incorrect items back to them. I had to phone them to get a refund for 4 bottles, they originally only reimbursed me for 5. They kept back $5.95 for their shipping costs. I was hung up on by their CSR. I called back several times and finally spoke to another CSR. Discussed my reimbursement, have sent them copies of my shipping costs. This was on Friday, still waiting to hear back from them. They don”t actually seem to recognize that this whole problem stems from the fact that they did not send me what I had ordered!! As with many others, I previously had one successful purchase from them.

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