Francis Colonial Mortgage

Francis Colonial Mortgage

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This guys runs a mortgage company out of his bedroom. He gets you to work for his highly unorganized and dysfunction company by telling you he pays 2.75% and he pays the day of closing which is a complete lie. | He calls lenders and tells them to remove files out of your name, lies to you tells you he is sending a CDA to the title company that never happens, changes your compensation the day of closing after he enters the fees into the lenders system incorrecty and the files wont pass the high price mortgage test and lies and says a “ghost” or the “processor” changed your compensation to ZERO or very close to ZERO after he promised 2.75%. | He denies any responsiblity then say his non existent lawyer says he was told to cease all contact. | He cost clients thousands by not ordering appraisals, overcharging their credit card for appraisals and bait and switching clients loans programs…causing several unnecessary expenses and loans the close 2 months later

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  1. Karin Moring
    June 16, 2020

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