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I have accumulated a wealth of experience in the over thirty years I’ve been a clinician. I have provided services in a variety of mental health and chemical dependency settings, and have served as an educator and consultant to schools, agencies court systems, and private industry. My experience as a military officer, as well as experience in the food service and construction industries, has give me a “real world” view of of the problems, issues, and concerns which my patients are facing.Over the past two decades, there has emerged a wealth of information regarding the effective treatment of emotional, psychological, and mood disorders. I am skilled in assisting the recovery from such issues, and can provide information to the patient and practical solutions to patients and families to avoid decompensation or relapse.Due to my broad range of experience, I am comfortable and skilled in the treatment of both mental health and substance abuse issues. I am also trained and experienced in the treatment of sexual trauma and post-traumatic stess disorder. I am well-informed regarding the effects and benefits of medications.

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