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You’re labs are off, but you feel pretty healthy. If you’re getting sick too often, having panic attacks, or experiencing high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, then you’re the client I love to work with. My specialty is helping people understand the relationship between physical illness and their emotions, managing chronic conditions, and effectively collaborating with their doctors to improve overall health. Believe it or not, life stressors can cause emotional symptoms that impact your physical health. Medicine can help manage your physical symptoms, but it rarely addresses the emotions that caused them in the first place.Having faced a stressed-induced medical condition, I understand your predicament. As a former physician turned psychologist, I have an unique perspective on the connection between your mental and physical health, and how mastering that connection can bring about lasting relief. With my help, you’ll face difficult situations with calm and control.I help professionals with stressful careers, manage their physical and emotional symptoms in a discreet setting without risking dependency on prescription medications or exposing personal information to third-party payers. Attorneys requiring psychological and neuropsychological assessments for clients facing legal and immigration issues are also welcome.

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