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Frank Torello conned my daughter out of $1,000 misleading her with an investment opportunity that wasn’t real. Last year he offered her an equity stake on a fictitious company that supposedly was a spin-off startup backed by his current employer New Jersey Natural Gas. | As the months went by my daughter started getting nervous because she wasn’t seeing any money and Frank wasn’t returning her phone calls anymore so she looked for my help. I reviewed the paperwork that was supplied by Frank and realized that it was a con. The alleged startup company name didn’t match the tax-id number and there were many other discrepancies including the address (a PO Box in Wall, NJ). Also Frank’s name was nowhere on the paperwork so clearly he knew how to cover his tracks. | NJNG (Frank’s employer) has not been cooperating because they find this to be a personal matter between Frank and my daughter but at least I know that they never heard of such investment opportunity and that they don’t actually invest money on startups as Frank had suggested. | I confronted Frank on the phone last December and he gave me every excuse on the book for not paying my daughter including his Mother’s passing away and other lies like there was a delay on the funding from NJNG and that he was about to quit his job to go work at this “startup” as CEO. He promised me to do good by my daughter within 30 days and he claimed that he would pay her back himself if the startup funding didn’t come through. It’s now been 4 months and we’ve heard nothing from Frank or his “business manager”, a fake person created by Frank that only communicates with my daughter via email. | I want to point out that Frank has indirectly threatened my daughter during a phone conversation claiming that because of his access to credit and financial information through his employer’s systems he would be able to trace her anywhere in the U.S. if necessary. | I’m writing this report to find out if there are any other victims of Frank Torello that would like to join a legal action against him and maybe against his employer. Please contact me through this site or at the posted email address.

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