Fraser Engine & Transmission

Fraser Engine & Transmission

Paul Fraser has lied since day one… first Paul Fraser Fraser Engines and Transmissions, Fraser Michigan said he was mailing a check to cover the difference of Tim Browns Invoices (Browns Automotive Repair Greenville SC) and never did. The first faulty Fraser engine did not even last 1,000 miles. Then the second no good Fraser engine did not last 100 miles after the first 500 mile oil change so Paul Fraser asked Brown to put in an low pressure oil pump and he would send a check to pay the invoice and that this repair should fix it! Brown said it would be a waste of time but would do what Paul Fraser asked. Paul Fraser never paid that bill either… after Paul Fraser told us and texted us he would pay the repair bill. Fraser Engines let this go on for weeks and weeks with no care for anyone but their greedy selves. Then once this did not fix it Fraser asked to ship the complete engine to them if we wanted a third engine!!! At this time we were hesitant. Then the mechanics pulled it out again, more unpaid labor that was promised to be paid by Fraser Engines Paul Fraser for the 3rd engine! We called and text daily waiting and waiting for the engine and to hear why the first or second engine did not function as per the Fraser website and wanting to see if they found the problem so it could be corrected. When third engine arrives it’s missing all the additional parts that were on the second engine we were asked to leave on by Paul Fraser costing more money to replace when he said he would reimburse. The third engine looked very bad like the others with lots of surface rust etc. Paul Fraser allowed this to go on and on and on with no consideration of the 18 year old boy needing his truck. Paul Fraser said they are rich and do things his way or else… After numerous calls to Fraser Engines Sam Fraser Paul Fraser and others nothing was paid or done. Weeks and weeks passed. Browns Automotive Greenville SC also tried calling daily… it became a joke… we would call together and Paul Fraser would say I just tried to call and there is no answer all while I was there. After the truck sat and sat and calling, texting, faxing and mailing copies of invoices to Fraser and Paul Fraser telling Tim Brown a check was sent I ended up paying Brown for the repairs myself so my son could get his truck. Today we have received no payment from Paul Fraser. Also, I read the numerous negative Fraser Engine reviews from others and suggest you do as well and avoid doing business or spending any money with Fraser Engines and Paul Fraser. Do not get caught in this trap.

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