Freedom Fast Lane

Freedom Fast Lane

Sheer Strength is an Amazon-based dietary supplement seller, who scams the public with fake reviews. They participate in review manipulation on Amazon, essentially just bribing customers to leave good reviews. | Daniel Ryan Moran is the owner of both Sheer Strength, and the wannbe lifestyle entrepreneur blog Freedom Fast Lane. He does podcasts about how to get rich, and other such nauseating things that make you want to gag. Both of these are scams, along with his cronies over at the the Amazing Selling Machine program, which is also run by 20-something year old sketchy scammers like Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. | I will tell you the truth about how this 20-something year old turd got rich quick, and you will not have much respect for him afterward because it is so simple and bone-headed. | Let me tell you how. First of all, Daniel Ryan Moran is not some kind of business genius or a whiz kid. He’s a guy in his mid 20’s who thinks he “invented fire.” He thinks he is really smart, but let me tell you it is all a scam. | This guy discovered the concept of Private Labeling dietary supplements, which has sadly made a lot of idiots like himself rich over the years. Now he wants to tell you how to get rich… like he knows a d**n thing or has a d**n talent. He does not. He is a cave man who got struck by lightning and thinks he invented fire. All these guys make their money by exploting Amazon reviews. They will dress it up and avoid the subject. Notice in all their publications, podcasts, videos, they never actually tell you how. They dance around the subject like the ballerinas they are. | Moran’s business is about the most bone-headed concept out there. A bottle of dietary supplements such as Sheer Strength’s Sheer N02 (his leading scam product on Amazon) costs about $3 bucks to make and he sells it close to $30. He has thousands of fake, paid for reviews on this product’s Amazon page. How does he get thousands of reviews? Well quite simple, he fakes some of them by writing the reviews himself or paying people in India, and then he bribes Amazon customers to do the rest. Free bottle.. wink… if you write a review! It’s that simple. And then his product sells millions of dollars and he thinks he is a genius. Amazon did all the work by creating the most wonderful sales platform ever… he just exploited it. Not that hard. | It’s not like he invented anything, or created anything. Private Labeling means any guy with $500 bucks can call a manufacturer and get a product made with their own label. The end customer cannot tell that the item was not made by the guy with $500 bucks. Bingo, you have your own brand. You’re not a genius, you’re a turd with $500 who made a phone call. | Again, this is not rocket science and anybody with $500 can do it. Don’t pay money for a stupid course like Amazing Selling Machine or listen to any 20-something turd who tells you they have it figured out. | This Ryan Daniel Moran guy just stumbled upon Amazon, learned that their algorithm is based on product reviews, and went with it.. exploting more and more by developing more products. Now he thinks he is a business genius? He wants to have a podcast and Youtube channel about inspirating would be entreapreneurs? Ha. Next time you hear this Moran (I mean MORON) spouting off with all his 20-something year old wisdom, now you will know where it comes from. A simple scam. | This kid. Yes kid… he is in his 20s… is so full pumped up on himself that he publishes how much money he owes to the IRS on his facebook page. “Oh I had to pay the IRS $300k this quarter…” Wahhh wahh wahhh. d****ebag. You make millions hawking private label products that are pumped up with fake reviews. You are not somebody anybody should listen to, you are a cheap and sleazy grifter. I hope mommy and daddy are proud. | What I hate is when meathead turds like this guy get a whiff of success from something as stupid as private labeling, or selling on Amazon, and reselling supplements, and then they think they have the wisdom of Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. They are not content to just make the money, they have to develop this nausating Youtube Channels and Podcasts and get-rich-quick programs telling the world how smart they are. They dress up in the douchy-est looking suits and clothes and get on stage spouting off how smart and inspiring they are. They publish these photos online and try to cultivate a following of people, all well exploiting their hard-earned money out of their pockets. | It’s sick because Ryan Daniel Moran and his cronies are thick-minded and have no substance. They are one trick ponies who just dishonestly pay for reviews, while lying to you and telling you it’s simple to do. They merely stumbled onto a method of quickly scamming money out of the Amazon customer. | Actually, most of the monologue from Ryan Daniel Moran’s speeches is very much a ripoff of the great Tim Ferriss, author of 4-hour-work-week, and one of the actual fathers of lifestyle design… Tim actually had a brain. He could write, he went to Princeton, and he has since become a world-class investor in Silicon Valley. This Ryan Daniel Moran guy is a little magpie who mimicks self-help programs of actually great people. Barf. | If Amazon shut down Sheer Strength (and I hope they will for their massive review manipulation scam) Ryan Daniel Moran would have nothing else to do. His cashflow would be turned off completely. | The point is: | 1) there is no great secret to how Ryan Daniel Moran he has gotten rich quick. Anybody can call up a company, get a product made, and then sign up for an Amazon account and write fake reviews. | 2) Sheer Strength games the Amazon review system by bribing people to write reviews for a free bottle. They do this is a sneaky and ever-evolving way so as to dodge Amazon’s most recent TOS on the subject of reviews. | 3) Any success he claims he has is a complete lie, because it was based upon a Scam, and not a very impressive scam to boot. | 4) Vote Manipulation on Amazon: they vote on their own reviews through an army fake accounts in India. They vote on their competitors products, sending the nasty reviews they write on them to the top. Shame on them. I’m an Amazon customer and I have seen a review get voted on — up and down– and skyrocket or plummet in 5 minutes. Not natural. They have people in India hitting the “Not Helpful” button a thousand times. | Let me cut to the chase and tell you what the Amazing Selling Machine is really about, and why you should never get sucked into this or pay money for it… because it was also invented by d****ebags in their 20’s who figured out you could get rich quick on Amazon. They too think they are genius… but really they just stumbled across Amazon. Amazon is a great platform, and they have exploited it with fraud. They will tell you how to do the same. Not hard. Get reviews on your product, and make sure it is a high margin cash cow like a dietary supplement. Manipulate votes, and review bomb your competitors to crush their products (the last part they won’t tell you about in their program because it is fraudulent and illegal). | As if scamming reviews on Amazon wasn’t bad enough, these guys write fake negative and critical reviews on their competitors with wild claims like “This product made me sick and sent me to the hospital”. It’s so obvious what you are doing guys.The gig is up for you and this scam is over. | They’re just dirty, and the world needs to get out. | REPORT THEM TO AMAZON AND THE FTC IF YOU CARE. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE REVIEWS ON THEIR PRODUCTS OF WHAT YOU THINK OF THEIR PRACTICES

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