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Fresh Concepts International is the new name for Pressed Right LLC. Both are commercial cold-pressed juice machine manufacturers. It is ran by Nick Constant and his company is being ran exactly as the previous one (PRessed Right LLC.) Everything is very legitimate, Nick is a very informative and helpful sales rep and you would never think that anything was different from any other transaction you’ve experienced before. Everything is perfect until you send the money and never hear from Nick again. If anyone reads this make sure you do NOT consider giving this man your money. It’s been 4 months since we gave 20,000 payment, and we have not recieved our juicer, we have only been texted back with empty promises and Nick has never returned any phone calls. Nick has somehow managed to screw yet another unfortunate small business who suffers greatly at the sake of his gain. This man is a first class swindler. Do not believe a thing that he says. I am going to contact any and all individuals who are victims as well. I have read aweful reports stating the same exact situation has happened to many individuals yet it was with Pressed Right…do not be confused, Pressed Right and Fresh concepts are exactly the same, ran by Nicholas Constant and you will not recieve your machine and you will lose your hard earned, honest money just as we did. IT WILL BE MY MISSION TO SAVE OTHER POOR SOULS FROM THE MISFORTUNE THAT THIS MAN INFLICTS ON HIS VICTIMS…HE WILL BE STOPPED!!!

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