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I don’t want to report each and every fraud I know that Tamila Khayrullaeva has done, although there are plenty, to remain anonymous. However, the latest update of her is that she and her current boyfriend defrauding people of Canada by claiming that they’re raising funds and the money will go for children’s health charity. This is one out of hundreds of unethical ways of marketing their franchise line called Freshslice pizza. | I heard from many people that Ray Russel (owner of the freshslice) is a big scammer. He doesn’t pay money to people when it’s due, employees don’t get paid on time (or sometimes never) because many of them are employed illegally hence may not be aware of labor commissioner regulations where they could report the labor abuse and get paid even more. I heard many times from people saying don’t give money to Ray. Or Ray always sends unfresh, old dow that franchises have difficulty to ROI with or some sell it anyway because consumers can’t tell it was fowl when it’s baked. | Tamila Khayrullaeva is venturing along with Ray, as an accountant in the company to bring more profits for them both by not paying the employees. The more she doesn’t pay the more Ray will pocket which of course will directly benefit her. | The reason why she’s known as a “Sneaky Gold Digger” is because she has been hunting for a cash cow like Ray for as long as I know her, since 2011. But she does it in a way that her victims like Ray will never find out she’s after their wealth only, by convincing them that she’s soft, fragile and shy, (with very plausible facial & body gestures) and don’t want anyone’s affluence. She can do it so well, nobody can detect her lying. | Sometimes it’s a good skill to have for many of us ladies. The other time it’s not fair for most men. | If you’re a victim of labor abuse either by Tamila or Ray, now you know why and what to do.

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