Furniture Dude Alex Muebleria

Furniture Dude Alex Muebleria

I went to a local furniture store in Austin, Texas called Mubleria Alex. When I went to buy a bedroom set, I mentioned I wanted to pay in payments since I did not have good credit. The sales person named Jospeph and store manager Minie, sold me a bedroom set which totaled 2,750 plus state tax. I asked how long it and how much my payments would be and they told me until I finished paying off the amount of $2,750.00 plus tax. They mentioned to me that I could finish paying off the furniture until I reached the amount of $2,750.00 and that it would improve my credit. They next made me sign a contract in which they misspelled my last name, I signed it because I was under the impression that It was a finance agreement to buy the furniture in payments. I continued to make payments of $290.00 per month, until one day I was thinking, I had already paid that amount and more, so why are they still calling me?? and mentioned it to the sales person Joseph that I had already paid it off. He then tells me that I have an outstanding balance of 8k, and that the furniture is only for rent not for sale, which is not what the sales people told me or the manager. The contract reads rental -purchase agreement. When I mentioned to the sales people they said it’s too bad that I signed an arbitration contract, and that I could not take it back. They mentioned I do not continue to make payments until I paid 8k. I then contacted their Headquarters in Plano, TX stating that I had already paid the full amount and that they needed to stop extorting money out of me and they sent me a certified letter stating that they would settle for $1,950.00 I said no, because that was way over the amount that the furniture cost and that they were ripping me off. I was so stressed out at this point that I wrote them a certified letter for a counteroffer stating that I would settle the account for $ 750.00 that I was unemployed and that I was not going to be able to pay them another $1,950 on top of the $3,190 I already paid for the furniture. They never responded to my last offer, until today the store manager called me asking when they could pick up the furniture and they mentioned that I will still owe them the balance of 8k, even if they picked up the furniture that they would ruin my credit. I tried so hard to reestablish my credit, I could of bought used furniture but I really wanted to establish good credit starting over after all of my health issues that have taken place in the last couple of years. I have worked hard to pay this furniture off and fix my credit, but was lied to instead. I have all the receipts from my bank showing how much money I already paid them. I then noticed that the contract was so confusing to read nothing made sense, they made me pay for insurance for any damage caused to the furniture they would cover only if the damage was not self made, which was wrong, they lied about accidental coverage as well. I then starting researching that the furniture store was owned by Rent- A- Center. I researched on how many consumer complaints they have from stealing from people, and that their sales people lie to consumers in order to sign their shady contract. I am overwhelmed with this situation and would like to file a complaint on their fraudulent sales tactics. I tried filing a complaint to BBB and they already have hundreds of complaints. I don’t have money for an attorney to fight them, they are now picking up the furniture and I got ripped off. I want to warn people not to sign their contracts they are a fraud/scam or you will lose your money. I am now reporting this to FTC and BBB among others… I demand I want my refund back. Stay away

  • #Joseph (sales agent)
  • #Minnie (store manager)

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