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I have 4 dining chairs that needed repair. I found Funiture Repair and Upholstery doing research online as they had excellent reviews (must have been all done by the owner himself). I called and texted pictures of the damaged chairs and the guy said he could fix that he would come to my house to pick up. He did and requested that I give him a $200 deposit, which I did via check. | As I had not heard from him, I called him a month later and he said he was waiting for some material. Another few weeks passed and I called him again and he said he would be bringing to me soon. This happened several times where he promised delivery and never showed up. | I proceeded to file a google review and he texted me asking to remove to which I said I would do if he gave me back my chairs. To this day I have no chairs and I proceeded to file a police report. | I just read in your website that he has done this before. I’ve called him repeatedly to no avail. Initially he claimed he was waiting for the material then kept promising to come and never showed up. I went to the place listed as his business address and he is not there. | I filed a Google review ant he texted me to remove and I told him not until he returned my furniture. At this point all I want are my chairs back fixed or not. I also reported him to the police.

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