Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc.

Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. Review

I found Frank Parks and his Future Investor Club Of America club to be a very dishonest experience. It is outlined in this video | We asked Mr. Parks for itineraries and proof of value up to and during the week my boys were in camp. Numerous flaws in his camp and he has a series of fake accounts he sends in rebuttal accounts from. There were days when my boys were at the camp and he was there. He tried to portray lunch at food courts as “business lunches with professionals”…the lunch was the kids eating by themselves with one of Frank Parks kids staring into their phone. | Nothing professional. He would take the kids to libraries at NYU and Columbia JUST for photo opps and both schools “invited” him to leave the campus. He is a classic flim flam man who talks a mile a minute and has an answer for everything. He has no employees, it’s just him and his reluctant kids. My kids posted videos of their real honest experiences. Avoid this scamster.

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