G.M. Imports Inc.

G.M. Imports Inc.

These people advertise easy credit and owner financing for so called imports but they are a scam .I gave them $2500 down payment to finance a car the car broke down in 2 weeks after they said it ran for years while the owners so calle niece drove it and I found out it that was a lie, it was bought after a flood and the water would never dry up in the car. they told me it was from someone that washed the car. The car stopped on me on the tollroad and I was almost killed if I could not have gotten over and some nice people stopped and let me through, I had it towed back to GM imports and they tried to blame me, saying I drove it in the wrong gear. I have been driving for over 30 years and noone has every said something thant stupid to me. This business is owned by Muslims and they really made me feel they are racist and prey on defenseless woman because of the way they talked down to me and tried to make me feel bad. | But I got my lawyers involved so they gave me another car and … Why did that crap break down 1 week later on the same tollway I had it towed there and after 10 days they responded to my lawyers saying they took a loss too and the cars are AS-IS these people are frauds and are just selling worthless cars to niave people telling them the cars run great and my mohter drove it. they are liars and dont believe anything they say. They even had the nerve to say I denied the chance to buy a warranty which is another bold faced lie they told me I did not have enough money down to purchase a warranty. If they had just given me a running car I would have been fine. | I am a single black mother of 3 and its a shame that these r***** muslims are preying on decent working people in the hood. I ask for half my money back or a running car it was all my saving and they took it and now I cannot get to work and may lose my job because I believe this company would not sell worthless cars to the general public and then hide behind the AS-IS. They knew the cars were lemons which is why they gave me another car to try and then it went out. Noone should be allowed to sell cars they know are worthless and then lie to decent people who only want to get back and forth to support thier family. So if you go there to this place you are gambling with your money and dont believe them when they say ” My neice drove this car” cause its all a scam designed to make you trust them and sign. Now I have no down payment and they say I am [email& 160;protected] out of luck. Well Karma is funny GMi imports what goes around comes around someone will prove you are scamming people soon. Below is the letter from my legal service that mirrors my problem and I am going to the Attorney generals office and the better business burueau. It is not legal to lie to a customer teling them the cars are tested and safe and then sell these broke down cars when they know they will break down. those cars are dangerous and someone will get hurt dealing with these ripoff experts. I talked to other people who also said they are racist and carry guns so be careful. these dealer are exactly what western avenue has to offer. |

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