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Gail Belsher, PhD. has been utilizing hypnotherapy for over 20 years to help clients lose weight, quit smoking, stress management and many other issues. Hypnosis helps clients resolve their problems in a shorter period of time than orthodox psychotherapy. Regression therapy can also be used to assist with resolving childhood trauma. Resolving depression and anxiety have been a great relief. Hypnosis can be used to establish links among ideas, feelings and experiences that should be linked, for example positive feelings and self-esteem. The client can learn flexibility and skillful adaptation to changing life circumstances. As a specialist in hypnosis, the post hypnotic suggestions can be powerfully affirming and empowering messages, As a psychologist I also provide supportive mental health services. I I provide services for substance abuse clients and family members impacted by addictions.I am client-centered with excellent listening and problem solving skills/ My hypnotherapy approach is Ericksonian, a non-authoritarian usage of hypnosis. It is so rewarding to see my clients become empowered and start living a whole-hearted life!

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