Garden Grove Properties

Garden Grove Properties

The property manager here is a thug, a criminal, and worse. | we came to garden city for a job i was offered. i was promised a place to stay by the new employer, but that ended up not being delivered. so here we are, a u-haul full of stuff, and nowhere to live. | garden grove properties (NOT garden spot. those are nice people and nice places regardless of what the garden grove property manager will post here or on google.) | what can i say? it looks like military housing.(i dont know where they took those photos online, but i assure you it doesnt look like that, use google street view. | fine. i can deal with ugliest building in town on the outside, what does the inside look like? | dark brown stained walls, old cabinets with the laminate peeling off or broken, that wonderful moldy stench. dog pee smell in the bedrooms. which brings us to the carpet. clearly has never been changed out, or at least not in a long time. you can literally see the difference in height from the carpet near the walls or where furniture was compared to the foot traffic area where almost no carpet is left. and oh the smell. isn’t it a law to change out carpet when it gets this bad? the carpet in the living room has cigarette burns all in it and it smells like an ash tray. | i ask her “can we get new carpet?” | her response “oh no this is fairly new carpet and still in really good condition one of our better units in fact” | ooooook lets move on. | no washer, no dryer. | “no problem i’ll buy some” i say | no hookups or power or vent | laundromat….. i hate laundromats | ok kitchen, | nasty cabinets, dirty greasy, hasn’t been cleaned. this whole place needs bleach like the a** hole of garden city it is. | rent. | $700 a month. | you’ve got to be kidding me. | later i find out no one else is paying this, she just jacked the price up because she knew i had to have a place. (this is only the beginning) | anyways. long story short, we got tired of living in this hellhole and as soon as the lease was up we moved out. only to find out later she claims we put the cigarette burns in the carpet that were already there. (i don’t even smoke!) she claims we owe $7,000 for new carpets and puts a collection on my credit report! and kept my deposit!

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