Gary Bowman

Gary Bowman

Preachers, Bishops and Rabbis, whatever you are, please be aware of this evil man. Gary Bowman, who calls himself Moses has a very wicked plan that he has used for years on several different denomainations.What he does is he comes into a place of worship and sits down.He amens the group for 2 weeks to a month and reads their literature and in some cases requests membership. | After he gets a good idea of what the group believes,he then turns on them,and calls them devils,citing obscure religious texts and in a few rare cases,gets a sign and protests them outside.He tries very hard to undermine the faith of members and has intentions of destroying the unity of the whole church. | Here is a sample of how this guy works: Lets say that a church believes in hell and cites certain verses in support of this. Mr Bowman will go find an obscure Bible text and disagree on purpose just to sow discord. Even if you believe his view regarding Hell or whatever, he will change it in around 2 months just to sow further discord. | He has no real beliefs of his own and is just a chameleon. He has pulled this stunt on many many churches and individual people for years. If you are a Pastor or church member, what I would say to do is if you see Preacher Gary come into your church, ask him to leave politely, if he will not, call the police and have a “trespass notice” issued to him. | He does not care about your beliefs or you as a church or person.One of the things God hates in the Bible is “he that soweth discord amongst brethren”(Proverbs 6:19).That is the whole reason and plan that this man is at your church or inquiring about your beliefs.

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