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My practice specializes in Psychoeducational tesing and evaluation. I expertly find the bottom line as to a) why a child is struggling in school or b) why there are behavioral issues or nuances. I have had 25 years experience and 7000 patients. I am objective, not allied with the school and will tell a parent the truth even if it is not want they want to hear. Sure I look at Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism…but I also look at the whole system including parental influence (good or bad) plus diet. Sometimes the final diagnosis is just an understanding of a child…not a label. Parents often delay a full evaluation as a last resort but in fact it can prevent long-lasting underachievement or low self-esteem. I try to put the parent back in the driver’s seat by maximizing their knowledge and parenting, plus give them guidance to handle their individual situation.The cost is proportional to the time-intensive nature of testing. One receives a thorough knowledge of their child and a gameplan. PS Insurances do not cover educational testing. Psychoeducational Testing also available through secure videoteleconferencing for Florida residents. Save on leaving work, driving. Test in the comfort of home.

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