Gary Lovelace Jr.

Gary Lovelace Jr.

This man completely ruined my business. A computer system of some sort called me out of the blue one day and was talking about my Google business page. He got on the line and started asking me about my business and how I advertise. He talked about how he owned a big local SEO company and could get my business at the top of the Google business pages. I told him my business was already there, and he said he would get it higher than it was showing up and I would get alot more business because of it. He talked about several different confusing ways he would do it, and I trusted he knew what he was talking about. I paid for the service, and low and behold, a month later, my business disappeared off of the Google business pages. I called Google and they told me that it was because there were several fake reviews on my account that was falsely inflating my rankings, and that I was now permanently banned from having my business listed on there anymore. I tried explaining that I did not do that, but they did not care. I used to earn a steady income from that business listing, and it was all gone, just like that. I confronted Gary about this and he admitted that he “helps” businesses get higher rankings using reviews. But they were not reviews from customers of mine. I don’t know who those people are and did not know he was doing that. | DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. When I became upset at him for having my business removed from Google, he began swearing at me and calling me names and hung up on me. He is so rude and takes advantage of people and businesses who can’t understand what he is talking about. I read there is someone else on here who was scammed by him too, so I’m hoping other people will come forward and let the public know of this scam. He virtually destroyed my marketing and now I have to pay quite a bit of money to another advertising company to drum up business that I lost from this ordeal.

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