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Reservation # 1204390 Tour- 9 day musical journey through the south Our flight to New York from New Orleans which was arranged by Gate 1 was cancelled on June 20 due to a tropical storm moving into the Gulf Coast region. This was a most unpleasant ending to a fabulous trip.Unfortunately we had some unexpected expenses for lodging at a nearby hotel, food at the hotel (because we were unable to leave the hotel) and extra parking fees upon our return to N.Y. Fortunately we returned on June 21 because I was scheduled for hand surgery on June 22. This upcoming event caused additional stress because we were uncertain as to the day of departure. My wife and I have been very loyal Gate 1 customers (we have taken 9 trips) and are planning other Gate I trips in the near future. We have also recommended several other friends who have also become loyal Gate I customers. Although I understand that Gate I cannot be held accountable for weather conditions I was hoping that you would offer us a credit toward another tour in the amount of $160.00 which was the additional cost we had to incur on this trip. I”m not blaming Gate 1 for the cancellation due to the weather. I am hoping that because we have been loyal to Gate 1 and will continue to be future customers, you will perhaps extend us a credit of $160.00 toward a future trip.

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  1. Freeda Antigua
    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020
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    June 13, 2020

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