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GCI Solar, aka CEA, aka Clean Energy Alliance operates a solar company and to get the appointments with the poor unfortunate homeowners they have a Boiler Room Telemarking Farm room where the marketing are paid slave wages on which you cannot even survive. They only provide 6 hours a day and cut off at 30 hours so they won’t have to provide health benefits. The marketers are trained to make endless calls off a dialer that robot dials cold calls which the majority are wrong, renters, or people on the DNC list which they don’t bother with. A trully impossible job. | The hapless managers ,some clowns named Thor and Perry micromanage the marketers mercilessly and when they get a homeowner to agree to their BS , out of a 50K sale they only give a measly 50 bucks to the marketers. The owners are total scrooges who don’t pay for any holidays even Christmas; And they are always thinking up new ways to chisel down marketers pay. | The poor homeowner is duped into an appointment where they will be high pressured to buy $50K of solar panels to get rid of a small electric bill. | Its sad places like this exist today in the modern world a cheerless place where people are taken of advantage of because they need a job and kept down in every way that management can think of. And they have these people called confirmers who do nothing but take credit for the hard marketers work and then steal their appoinments secretly, all the while getting the best leads. | Avoid doing business or working for these total Losers!!!! Where they screw employees and customers to the wall. | All the real money is made by the owners and direct sales people who work in the downstairs part of the building carefully sequestered where they have the best of everything and ignore the telemarketing slaves in chains in the floor above.

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