G&D Auto Collision, Inc.

G&D Auto Collision, Inc.

This location GND Auto collision inc. Costa Mesa CA has a history several individuals to charge extra money and create estimates that are not accurate and take monies for repairs that have never been done. | George Danciu, Owner, Licensee | Angela Danciu, Owner, Not Licensee | This was the worst experience I have ever had in business in 35 years. I picked up my car ….. it was completely filthy dirty, the body repair work was much to be desired the paint has “runs” in it. I noticed that the owner Angela Dancui was very nervous and it took over an hour to just pull my car up and when she drove it up she opened the drivers door and hit the mailbox and chipped the paint and dinged the door, then rushed me into the office and I said I wanted the check out my car she replied “the money the money” . I realized the car was running and after I reluctantly paid the balance I drove away and felt unsafe driving the car. I showed the work to 3 other body shops and they verified that it was not quality work, it seemed to be in worst condition then when I brought it in for repair. The car was not ” in alignment”, I paid for an alignment – I paid for suspension work that was not repaired accurately, I got a second opinion from Fletcher Jones Mercedes – and they did verify that what I paid for was not done right and I paid for work that was never performed. When I confronted the owner Angela she immediately said don’t take it to Fletcher Jones Mercedes ” they will find things” and then I realized that I needed to pay for my wheel alignment again “that I paid for” “that was not done”…. I paid Fletcher Jones an additional $800 + I paid a third party auto repair an additional $ 700+ for repairs — after I paid GND approximately $5000. all I got was a run around…. then she offered to write a check and was concerned that I wouldn report her business to the Bureau of Automotive Repair bar.ca.gov. She stated that she has “receipts” for my parts…. but I never saw that…. she first offered $1000 because she admitted that all the repairs I paid for were not done, then she said that she didn’t want to refund me $1000 she offered me $700 refund and forced me to sign “a release authored by her attorney to not sue”, under duress I signed it because I needed desperately my car back…. she also stated that if I try and sue or report her and GND that she has “lots of attorneys and they will help her ” and she also stated that “I better not try” | Lesson learned — never again will I ever bring a customer or family member or refer anyone again | I am still paying for additional repairs……. my car is still missing parts….. but I will have it completed by a more qualified auto body and repair ! | This was the most horrible business transaction I ever experienced —- I am the customer and I felt like this was a bad movie….. I felt ripped off —- !!!!

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