Geek Backer, LLC.

Geek Backer, LLC.

On October 25, 2017 Microsoft support supposedly called me to tell me there is big problem in my computer (which I just found out that Microsoft said it was a scam. I have an apple computer so it was odd that Microsoft called me, but I did not realize that at the time). Then they refered me to supposedly Apple Company then they refered me to Beek Backer LLC saying that it was only Backer LLC could fix my problem. I was duped into paying Geek Backer LLC $1475 by cashier’s check on 10/25/17. I could not recoup that money now. I think that I might call Los Altos Police Department and report this scam. | Today 12/12/17 I received calls from 1-844 758-2988 extenstion 101 Albert Ross security code MS168. Saying that he is from Apple Company technical support. He said that my email account are compromised with a Russian hacker connected to my computer and getting all my personal date and passcodes. He can fix it with lifetime warranty of $899.99. I was stupid enough to give him my check book info. Then I called Apple to confirm that it is Apple technical support. Apple tech support number is 1-800-myapple. So it was a scam. Apple would never ask money like that. Also who can give life time guarratee for security problem? (anti-hacking). So I stopped the check payment (it costs me $30 to do so). Never again hopefully, would I fall for such scam.

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