Geeks On Site

Geeks On Site Complaint

A month ago I was having difficulty with my computer. I called Geeks On Site to remotely fix my computer. After several hundred dollars, and an entire day of working remotely on my computer, they said that they would need to send a tech out to look at my computer. When there was an additional charge for this tech to come out I said no, and asked them to restore my computer to how it was before they started working on it. They did not, and my computer was in much worse shape after they got done with it. About a month later I was looking at my bank account, and there was a new charge on my bank statement from Geeks On Site. The first three times I called Geeks On Site to clarify this new charge they hung up on me. The fourth time they put me into a holding queue for 1/2 an hour. The fifth time I got someone on the line who said that the person who handles these sorts of things was not in the office, and I’d have to call back. This company is a scam. Stay away from them at all cost.

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