Gemological Institute of America Inc.

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I interviewed with Gia for a Receptionist position at W Talent Management back in June, I was hired on the spot and told that my hourly wage was going to be $14.00Hr/ | Upon arriving for my first day of work, I was given access to all staff data: Printers, hours/pay sheet, and client data. She mentioned how the previous staff up and quit because they did not get paid, and she blamed the upper management (The owner of the company: Kelli Wilhelmina) for not properly paying employees. It made me very uneasy to know that it occurred just the week before I was hired, but I was assured that I would be paid on time. Big Mistake. At the end of my second week of work, Gia gets fired because she wasn’t doing what the company asked her to do and the company was over budget and losing money. It turns out as well that our wages of $14. | 00Hr/ wasn’t approved by the owner of the company either, and we(another cowoker of mine) weren’t going to get paid. It all turned into a blame game between Gia and Kelli and ultimately we were never paid, Gia has since then blocked my number and I am now seeking legal action against Gia or Kelli. | If you ever come in contact with Gia, be careful, she’s beautiful, and she’ll have you believe she’s some sort of super high class godess + she dyes her hair a lot(likely a part of her scam intentions). She is not a casting director, she did not cast the Sopranos, she did not cast Sex and The City, she did not work on over 200 feature films and is a fraud and will sell herself to make you believe she actually accomplished all those things. Be weary and report her to the police, she owes a lot of people and companies thousands of dollars.

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