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He claimed he was a Contractor who was a widower with a beautiful 7 year old daughter. Sent me photos. Invited me to spend Christmas but I couldn’t go. | He then got awarded a $5 million dollar project in India for 6 weeks. after 2 weeks his wallet got stolen. He needed money. At first it was low amounts. | Cash advance. Never asked for my bank account. He would pay my credit card debt and I’d get him gift cards. Take photos and text them to him. | He’d send me love letters. Beautiful videos. Called, texted everyday. Emails. We talked about life. He had a beautiful English accent. Always calmed me. | Was well spoken and very kind. His checks got returned towards the end which ran my credit up over the limit and now I oowe $100,000 in credit card debt. They have closed all my cards and my credit score is 600.He was stuck in India because his Visa expired he needed me to help him get home. | He said he was a man of honor and would pay off all my debt when he came home. I cleaned my house. He was to come home that day and I got some phony text from Immigration. He’s dissapeared. He’s a scammer. Don’t use his company. He switched names because Great Height Contractors too you straight to this sight. He is a bottom dweller. People like this are pure evil. Taking advantage of vulnerable loving kind woman,

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I invested good money the company closed and not received my money back, I found that fraud was to get that money invested.I need this

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