Genova Diagnostics

Genova Diagnostics

We used Genova for stool samples for my young son with chronic healthy issues. The doctor I worked with explained Easy Pay and said that the Easy Pay amount was all I would pay for the services. I paid the easy pay amount, 4 separate times for 4 tests. But each time I received a bill for hundreds on dollars on bright yellow paper that stated “due now”. I paid it out of concern that my doctor was mistaken, I didn’t want to be taken to collections! We are now seeing a new doctor and he prescribed the same test. When I explained to him the cost, he assured me that I was ONLY responsible for the Easy Pay amount. I was skeptical so, I called Genova Diagnostics customer support and asked them, point blank, if I pay for this requisition with the Easy Pay agreement, what else will I owe? The rep told me “nothing. The Easy Pay will cover your portion of the payment and will be YOUR ONLY OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE.” I repeated my concern, knowing that they would send me a yellow bill, and she assured me; that I had NO other expense and no other out of pocket payment. I then told her this had not been my past experience and I wanted to speak to someone about a reimbursement. I was transfered to a supervisor who gave me very scripted answers no matter how I asked her to explain what had gone on. Why was Easy Pay marketed as the only out of pocket expense if they would bill me anyway? Why had her own employee just stated I would have no other charges, when they would send me a bill? She could give me no answer. She just kept stating the bill is a good faith effort to collect payment. Enough with the smoke and mirrors Genova! Multiple complaints on BBB, and also,, /link removed/ show customers having the same experience. Easy Pay is touted by Genova as the only out of pocket expense and then a bright yellow “bill” arrives- that they won’t do anything about if its unpaid. “Good faith effort?”- oh b.s. There is nothing integrity based about this promising one thing and executing another.

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