Georgia Baptist Childrens Home

Georgia Baptist Childrens Home

The follwing review is strictly MY OWN personal opinion based upon my repeated dealings (phone conversations and her writing slanderous and hateful reviews about my company) with Sabine Augustin who is listed on as a Program Specialist at Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries, Inc. | Sabine Augustin is at it once again. She initially called me from her work telephone number (showed up on my caller ID and I cross-referenced it) and requested an auto transport quote from my company. Apparently, she didn’t like what she heard from me so she proceeded to berate me by calling me a “racist” when I had no idea what race she even was. She also threatened to ruin my business’s repuation by writing a negative review about my company (and me personally) on Yelp ,and then subsequently wrote the review. | Sabine Augustin works for Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries, Inc in the Atlanta, GA area. | I called these people and spoke with various supervisors, advising them about her inappropriate behavior towards me based upon our phone conversations. I warned them about what I perceived as a very angry human being working for their children’s organization in the capacity of a program specialist. She then removed her review as she possibly feared repercussions from her employer as she called me during her normal working hours from her employer’s main telephone number. | ON AUGUST 30, 2016, MONTHS AFTER OUR LAST PHONE CONVERSATION AND A CONFLICT WHICH I THOUGHT WAS FINALLY RESOLVED, SHE WROTE YET ANOTHER HATEFUL AND SPITEFUL DEFAMATORY REVIEW: | “My experience with Bill was several months ago. I put a review up then but he called my job and told them he would sue them and wanted me fired if I didn’t remove it. He stalked me on social media threatening me. But what he didn’t know is that my family is both law enforcement and works in the criminal justice system in South Florida. | My review: I called Transport Connection one morning when I researched companies to transport a couple of cars across different states. The call went straight to voicemail so I left a message asking for some information about transporting vehicles and the company. He called me back but got my assistant, to whom he was yelling at and saying “someone called me from this number but I don’t remember who it is so you need to figure it out.” She got the message to me. I called him back and he picked up yelling “HELLO” I said “Hello is this Transport Connection” He said “yes stop playing on my phone. you sound like a dirty, dumb n****r” I said “excuse me “I’m calling for a quote”. He said “I would never help you b***h get off my phone” | I told my assistant. I put my review up and that is when the real hate started. He called my job and wanted to talk to HR, my supervisor and the president to get my fired because I put up a review on yelp. My job fully supported me but I decided to take the review down. He called me back but this time I sent the cal straight to my father whom is law enforcement. He missed out on transporting 10+ cars. | I have also received messages from people who saw my first review and said they experienced some of the same things. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!” | I shudder to think that such an apparently angry, hateful and spitefully vindictive human being would be employed by an organization that is involved with the care and welfare of needworthy children. This really, really scares me. A LOT. But apparently, it doesn’t alarm her employer because despite my advising them of her despicable conduct, she still appears to be employed in her presentcapacity with this organization. | So now I feel compelled to warn the public about this individual who in my own personal opinion, seems very disturbed with severe anger and revenge issues, since she waited many months and then decided to put her malicious and defamatory review back up on Yelp. I personally would never trust this individual in an employment capacity involving children, but again, this is strictly my own personal opinion, since she apparently harbors a great deal of anger and resentment towards me and cannot simply let things go. It is my opinion that people with severe anger issues should not be involved with the caring of children. | TO ANY AND ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC, I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE EXERCISING EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DEALING WITH SABINE AUGUSTIN WHO WORKS FOR GEORGIA BAPTIST CHILDREN’S HOMES $ FAMILY MINISTRIES AS A PROGRAM SPECIALIST (AS PER HER LINKEDIN PROFILE): | LINKEDIN.COM PROFILE SUMMARY: | Sabine Augustin, a native of Miami, FL, has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Education from Florida International University. She also has a certificate in Real Estate from the Barney Flecther School. Currently she attends Clark Atlanta University striving for a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Policy where she also serves as the president of Public Administration Student Association. She currently works at the Program Specialist for Performance and Quality Improvement with the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries. She a member at New Hope World Outreach where she actively serves in ministry. Ms. Augustin is also the founder of a mentoring group, FaithGurlZ, teaching girls to have confidence in their God-given beauty inside and out. Her ultimate goal is to become a community changing congresswoman.

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