Gerry's Auto Repair Inc

Gerry's Auto Repair Inc

Took the car in for two O2 sensors. 5 hours later I called to see if it was ready. I’m told he can’t access the cars computer with his software, that it’ll take several hours more. I told him stop don’t do anything further I’ll take it to BMW. Then he tells me There is an $85 diagnostic fee. I asked why since he couldn’t access the cars computer in the first place what was there to diagnose? I Arrived 1.5 hours later and car is in the bay with a mechanic in it. He tells me my windows don’t work! Other than the O2 sensors nothing else was wrong when I brought it in . I Left this shop with windows that wouldn’t go up or down , directionals that didn’t work, a dome light that wouldn’t go off, and all kinds of warning messages on the vehicle data screen. Warnings were ” door open” ( both closed) , “lighting failure.. stop vehicle” (tail lights and brake lights out) ,a service indicator and door open lights on instrument display. BMW did a quick check and said the (DLM or DCM) computer was fried. Johnny the owner denied doing anything wrong and tried to say that it came in that way…really? Stay away from.this shop they screwed up my car beyond belief. Don’t believe all those good 5 star reviews and read the 1 star ones. I should have read them before I went here. Now I’m disputing the $85 charge, it takes real gall to screw up a car and then charge to do it! How could he diagnose anything if he first said he couldn’t hook into the cars computer. His negligence is now costing me a bundle and the O2 problem still needs to be fixed on top of that.

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