I had originally booked my stay a Quality Inn Suites Pensacola Bayview via from 18-21 of May. From the moment I checked I there it was less than adequate care. After waiting 10 minutes to get a room key i was finally able to go to my room and try and relax after driving all day. Only to find that the access door was not working. So i had to go back to the front desk to get it resolved. It was then i first asked Ashley at the front desk that iif i chose to leave early would i be reinbursed the days i did not stay she said absolutely. After getting to my room I was finally able to try and relax only to find that the AC shut off in the middle of the night. Since you could hear everything through the paper thin with walls, i was able to witness the ever increasing sounds of the couple next to me argue half the night. I figured I would give them one more stay and hope for the best. | So after I returned from a day at the beach I was again not able to get into my room. So I go back down too the office to get my key re-activated. While I was there I spoke with Ashley about my experience there and specifically asked her that if I chose to leave would I be reinbursed for my last night there Since I booked the room through a third party She stated that as long as I checked out by 11 am it be ok. So that night I was again keeper awake by the sounds of those around me all while trying to keep the room cool with the AC that didn’t want to stay on. | The following morninig on Sunday may 20th, I chose to leave the hotel in which i checked out before 11 am of which I was told to do. I again the front desk, this time it was Ashley if I would be compensated for leaving one day early she again said yes. After she checked me out I asked for a receipt and she stated that she could not provide one for me because ”it contained card information about the party who had booked the hotel for me.” And would not give me any documentation for my stay or early departure. She said that she had issued my refund back to and to contact them in a day or so and ask that they refund this to me. I did just that and soon received an email confirming my request. Ticket number 2001355 I spoke initially with taryn n. Eberhardt on Tuesday may 22. I then received a reply back the following day from Courtney lamb with She stated that “ despite their best efforts quality inns &suites did not agree to provide a refund or compensation for this reservation. I asked multiple times that if I checked out early that I would be refunded my last day. i Am under the impression that quality inn & suites did credit them back for my last day it’s just that is refusing to issue my credit. So therefore I will be filing a fraud claim with my credit card company as well.

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  1. Hilde Noth
    June 16, 2020

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