Gettington Complaint

After Hurricane Sandy i had no residence for over 5 months.. So i had to go paperless since i dint want my information all over the place.. During this time magically they signed me up for a service called safeline Plus. almost two weeks ago while i was paying my bills i noticed that yet again my balance went up and my payment amount went up and i had not purchased anything in months.. so i looked on the web site for my statement and i saw a charge i dint recognize so i called them up. they informed me that they had been charging me for over a year over a thousand dollars worth.. i told them 1) I NEVER singed up for this service since at that time i had credit monitoring threw another company and did not need two.. and 2) I wanted my money back immediately because this was a fraudulent charge that i neither signed up for nor agreed to. They informed me that they could not help me. i asked them but they are attached to you.. they gave me the number of safeline and they told me that Gettington gave them my information and signed me up for the service.. I was shocked and immediately informed them that i wanted every penny back because i never requested the service nor did i sign up for it. they informed me that they could cancel the service as of July 8th and give me last month and this months payment but would not give me the previous.. i was outraged i told them that this was fraud and the lady hung up the phone on me. i called Gettington back and informed them that i wanted them removed from my account and that i did not want to see another penny taken for something i never signed up for.. they told me in ten days i would have my money back and yet we are at the 28th and i have yet to see a penny returned… i called today and they said they could not find any record of my conversation even after i gave them the case number they gave me.. this is fraud and they are both in it. Something needs to be done about both of these companies.

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