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I am a seasoned clinician with over 23 years of experience providing services to adolescents, adults and couples. Providing a warm, nurturing atmosphere where the person can feel safe and understood, I help my clients explore and understand how past/current issues are impacting and “coming in the way” of being able to fully enjoy life and set future attainable goals. We will address how certain emotions affect our way of thinking, performing and our capacity to feel “free”. Since the mind and body are deeply and strongly connected, I consider the relationship between presenting issues, family history, current relationships and ongoing sources of stress.I specialize in short and long-term psychotherapy with an emphasis on positive and tangible change. My experience includes the treatment of: Anxiety, Phobias, Trauma, Grief and Mourning, Life transitions, Couples issues, Behavioral Addictions (Smoking, Gambling, Compulsive shopping) and the use of Hypnosis to the treatment of Somatic disorders (Migraines and Gastrointestinal issues).I am a Certified/ Approved Consultant in EMDR, an effective treatment for Trauma, perceived feelings of being “stuck” and Performance Empowerment. I provide services in English and Spanish. I am a 1995 graduate of Catholic University of Uruguay and 2003 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Southern California University for Professional Studies.

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