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Are you tired of fighting with yourself? Are your insecurities, doubts or fears holding you back from living as you really want to? Do your moods impact your eating habits? Are your own thoughts becoming your worst enemy? Anxiety, body issues, poor self-confidence and eating issues are wide spread and can dramatically effect your quality of life and your relationships. Let me help you take control over your thoughts to find greater control, confidence and acceptance in your life. With the motto, “Don’t believe everything you think, ” we can work together to achieve your goals.I am a Florida Licensed Psychologist and specialize in the treatment of adults and couples. My approach to treatment is collaborative and integrative and my practice is geared towards helping you to feel better in the shortest time possible, maximizing your take-home skills and boosting your self-confidence.Additionally, sometimes talking is just not enough. I also offer real world “in-vivo” exposures for phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating issues. Through in-the-moment coaching during these feared encounters, you can learn to utilize your skills effectively and feel secure in your ability to conquer your fears.

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