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A supportive word from me to you: Deciding to gain a better sense of yourself, redefining (or defining) your value and your purpose is the greatest gift you can offer to yourself and those around you. I anticipate journeying with you and welcome you. Office hours vary with evenings and Saturday’s an option.I became a practicing Psychotherapist in 1996. Relationship therapy is my main specialty after years of counseling and realizing that this is where most of our pain lies. Life itself can be troubling, it has many challenges and requires diligent attention to navigate through bravely and keep on keeping on. We need each other, we need to be understood.‚ÄúListening is the most powerful form of connection when someone is seeking to be heard‚Ķ Understanding is the most powerful form of healing once they have been heard‚Äù~ Ginger Irene Hannigan

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