Glamor Trends

Glamor Trends

On Facebook I filled out an Rewards Survey and was told I had earned a product worth $100 for filling out the survey. The item I wanted was “sold out” (I think it was an iPad), so I was given a choice of other products supposedly worth the same amount. I didn’t really need any of the other products, but I settled on a red handbag that would be sent to me for only $5.98 S & H. The red handbag I received was so small that it could hardly fit make-up and a small wallet in it. Then in July a $99.98 charge showed up on my credit card statement, listing 8448865374ITLSTS as the seller. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the charge until it showed up again in August on my credit card statement for $99.98 listing the same seller’s phone number. | On August 16, 2017 I called the phone number on the credit card statement and told them I didn’t recognize the charge listed. The customer service rep asked me for my zip code, name and address, looked up the account and said that the July charge of $99.98 was for the red handbag that I was told was a FREE gift for taking the Amazon survey. I had received another handbag in the mail a couple days ago that I knew I hadn’t ordered, accompanied by another $99.98 charge for August. The customer service rep told me that I had signed up for a monthly handbag delivery for the monthly charge of $99.98. First of all I don’t need handbags, so I would never knowingly sign up for this service. Secondly as a senior citizen I don’t have the extra money to be able to afford $99.98 every month, and the handbags are not worth anywhere near $99.98. | When I told the service rep that I wanted to cancel this service and be refunded the August $99.98 charge, she told me that they don’t give refunds once the product is shipped. They don’t give you a chance to see the product for satisfaction guaranteed. When I told her that wasn’t an option for me, she offered to send me another product. When I asked if it was worth $99.98, she offered two products. I could have a choice of sunglasses, pendants, earrings, watches, or other styles of handbags. When I said I’d have to see what they looked like, the customer rep gave me a website address to look at the products. | The website didn’t come up, so she gave me another web address to try and that didn’t come up either. But this time her voice sounded very impatient and clipped as she tried to get me to pull up their website. She put me on hold for a few minutes, got back on and then we got disconnected. So I called back and had to start over with another customer service rep. I went through the same conversation with her and she took my order of two items sight unseen since I could never pull up the website. She said I could keep the new handbag as a “gift”. It is a homely mustard color that I would never use and still not big enough, but yet it cost me $99.98. I don’t spend more than $25-$30 on any handbag, so why would I have knowingly signed up for this monthly service? | I told the customer rep that I wanted to cancel this service, and she told me that it had to stay open in order to send these new products to me. I said okay, but then I want it closed. I reiterated that i don’t want another handbag or any other product sent to me next month and I don’t want to see another $99.98 charge to my credit card. And if I do, I will get the credit card company to make it right for me. She said that I would not be charged, so I’ll see what happens next month in September. I felt that I was never getting a straight answer or commitment to cancel from either service rep.

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