Glass Tiger Window Tinting

Glass Tiger Window Tinting Review

I called Kelly LKA TJ Lewark to get a back window on a 2010 impala tinted and remove the old film he gave me a price close to 200 dollars this is highway robbery I had two cars tinted there and it will be the last time I go back I’m very upset that he will treat a returning customer like this. Plus I took my Van to another location to check if my back window that Glass Tiger tint did was 5% and the other shop stated NO I was going back to give them a chance to make it right but I’ll just go somewhere else. | Response to Owner: Steve and TJ Lewark | Your shop stated to me that you do carry 5% Tint and the fact you mentioned I purchased the cheapest tint clearly shows your motive of taking the highest bidders on first versus the problem at hand. Every time which is [twice] your service or employee Kelly tries to sell the most expensive tint to me and always mentioned that the cheapest tint will give me an issue in two to three year’s I was going to leave this alone and even delete this review but since you voiced your opinion and make it seem I can’t read between the lies I will continue post negative reviews on every media outlet until you Sir show me the respect I deserve. | Also TJ Lemark has rebelled against our Agency and went online to write false negative reviews about our agency after our investigation was completed we was able to pin point the individual responsible for this and we will pursue civil damages to this company and individaul. We have all the proof that this malicious act was conducted by TJ Lewark LKA Thomas Lewark AKA Kelly Cell Phone number

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