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PO Box 2044
Ref: 2011 Chy. 200 4 door sedan
On 6-7-18 I ordered a rear drivers side vent window, you took the money from my account, then sent me the wrong window. The window did not fit.
I tried to contact you, the phone number, was out of service, the address, was wrong on the return address. The phone number you entered with my credit card receipt, is not in service.
1-916 409 6566
1 916 406 6566
1-916 965 7067
I went to your web site, click on e-mail- doesn’t work. Your live support doesn’t work.
I called my Bank and told them what was going on, they found a number 1-888-571-2228.
When I called that number I spoke to Michael, he give me a different address
4147 Northgate S #1
Sacramento, Ca. 95834
stating the reason for everything being incorrect was because you had just moved.
I believed that statement and waited for my refund, when I call back I was told I would not get a refund because I had contacted my bank, and they would refund my money.
At that point I got upset–is this a scam
Then I was told unless I have a tracking #, I would not get a refund.
On 7-19-2018 I tried several time to contact you, both by phone and e-mail .
You web site does not work.
I have my tracking #. you can mail me a refund to you above address if you can not put into my account.
This has gone on long enough. If this is not a scam, please let me know ASAP before this need to go any further. I am 73 years old. There are laws—. I demand refund- They need to go to jail, I am not the only one with the same problemt. Stay away

  • #Stan Michale
  • #Stan

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