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George Stay away from SCAMMING THIEVES and George Papaditriou I nearly lost thousands because George Papadomitrou’s fraudulent advertisements through his scam websites, Their fraud was exposed when I decided to ask questions before purchasing. While doing my own diligence I found that he was ripping people off by incorporating generic shell companies for around €100 and then charge around 25,000 to €200,000 and also by advertising companies for sale THAT DO NOT EXIST. | They also fraudulently claim their companies offer the capability operate as a bank. THIS IS A LIE. None of their companies details can be verified by a regulatory authority meaning they companies sold by and can operate legally. Most of the companies they advertise DO NOT EXIST. If you purchase from them you will receive nothing. You will not have a banking company. Their software is a not banking software it is only a crm that is not connected to any payment provider or correspondent account. | To sum up their fraud works in two ways. 1. Duping people with get rich quick lies by getting people to buy non existent companies such as Trusts. 2 Selling shell companies that cost €100 to register and fraudulently selling these companies as financial services companies with triple figure markups. A key example is their Swedish trust which is just a limited partnership. The partnership can be incorporated for under €200 directly with the Swedish companies registry yet offshore-money sells the exact same company structure for €24,000 along with useless software that cannot be used for any sort banking transaction. | In most cases you would be lucky to receive even that in my case I found out the Swedish trusts that global money are selling non existent . The bic code they use is stolen from another company. Evidently, the claim to incorporate new Swedish trusts upon ordering yet the bic codes they is tied only to one institution. Bic codes cannot be used for an unlimited amount of companies. When I confronted George Papadimitiou the owner of these websites about why he is selling companies that do not exist on his websites he states that it is his discretion to do whatever he wants. Will there you have it, George Papadimitriou brazenly admitting a that thinks he can do whatever he wants including defrauding others. | I repeat if you buy from this company or any company selling Swedish trusts you will not receive anything. If you are lucky you will receive a shell company worth €100 along with useless software after being scammed for around 30,000-200,000 euros. Note, George Papadimitriou operates as many as 38 scam websites including the sites listed below he admitted while that there is anybody to stop his operations. gmcnewzealandfsp.vom Basically any website offering Swedish trusts are a scam connected to George Papafinitriou.

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