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Global One Financial/Entaire was obligated by contract to pay our insurane premium funds on or before the 28th day of February every year in order for us to receive the annual growth factor calculated on the investment loan we had throughGlobal One Financial. On February 2010, which was a very good year in the market, Global One Financial paid our premium 5 days late causing us to lose all the gain the year had and reduced our growth down to around 2% all the whsile charging us over 7% interest on the loan. They additionally collateral called over $200,000 because of the shortage incurred. Over the course of the 12 years and $500,000.00 we paid Global One, we kept the policy hoping to enjoy some financial gain at the end of the term. We are now having to walk away from our planned retirement funds with a shortage of $88,000.00 that we must pay Global One to terminate with them. This company is scamming unknowing clients who are not aware that Global One pays their premiums late because you have to hire an expert to uncover why the policy is not performing. I am sure there are many other clients who have lost hundres of thousands if not millions of dollars from these unethical if not illegal business practices. I wish to find an attorney who would like to look at collectively going after Global One Financial/Entaire and their business practices.

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