Global Private Funding, Inc.

Global Private Funding, Inc.

Sam Senev or Saman Francis Seneviratne … This guy is the biggest liar and scammer I have ever met. Do not beleive a single word that he says. He will tell you so many things about his background such as being a Stealth Pilot, Working closly with Donald Trump, having ties in the entertaiment industry and being on board of Oscars, brokeraging deal between BMW and Range Rover, etc, etc but nothing he says can be verified…for sure a man of this magnitute should have some news about himlsef online, but you won’t be able to find anything. | Even his multiple degrees are fake. Check some of the stuff on his linkedin page and do a reference check, such as being a pilot for LIGA International, and flying as a volunteer to deliver humanitarian items to Mexico. Contact this organization and they will tell it is a lie, that he signed up as a regular member but did pay his dues. | If you go to his office, almost everything is fake. All the awards he will show you are not real. Do not beleive any of his stories. At best he may have some pictures with some celebrities, but that’s all. Maybe they are even photoshoped. | If you gonna do any business dealings with him and do not beielve me, do your own background check on him. Ask him to provide proof and evidence of his degrees and accomplishments. | Oh BTW, he is being investigated by State of California for securities fraud and scamming investors. See: | | He will tell you that his identy was stolen and it was not him doing it!

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