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I called a phone number from the tv for a hip brace. The company was american hope resources. shortly after a man named dean holland came on the phone inquiring if i would like to make a couple of extra dollars doing phone surveys. I said sure. | next thing i know i am being trompled on by what i say are internet scammers. i assumed they all are involved with dean holland. i never received any money then i received a check from jeff norman for 3/4 of a million dollars in lieu of payments for services rendered. of course the check was fraudulant | now iam receiving 100-1000 emails a day from these scammers. | i did see where global response had been prosecuted before for sending out these checks. | They called it sweppstakes winnings | I am so tired of this, changing bank account numbers debit card numbers computer being hacked I think there must be a group of these people defrauding people | i think that american hope resources is a front to get peoples personnal information. they all should be in jail. i have printed out and wrote down these peoples payments to me there names and email addresses.

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