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Beware before considering going to work for this company! Any and all sales reps should take heed before going all the way to phoenix to be trained and then robbed by global tranz. They lure you in with a promising profit split and then get you to the office, train you for 3 days which are full of promising profits and riches, then… At the end of the seminar they call you each in one by one and via peer pressure try to get you to sign their contract on the spot. They tell you that you get a 60/40 split on ltl and a 50/50 split on truckloads but don”t bother to tell you until you read the fine print of your contract that you have to pay a 2.5 % invoicing fee on gross revenue as well as a 2% csr fee that goes towards having someone at their office answer your phone calls and track your freight. Do the math! If you have a shipment with a profit of 100.00 you would expect to make 60.00. However, let”s say the profit margin of the shipment was 20% and total charge of shipment to customer was 500.00. Take the 2.5 % invoicing charge out of 500.00 = 12.50 Take the 2.0% csr fee out of the 500.00= 10.00 These two fees come directly out of your profit!!! Total deductions for sending an invoice and having a csr – 22.50. (by the way the csr basically does nothing because your customer can quote and print bols and track online without any help at all). Subtract 22.50 from 60.00 and you get= 37.50 from global tranz. So! Your average profit split for doing all the work and spending your money paying for your phone, car and gas bills will be at best 37.50. It is even worse for truckloads because you only get 50 percent profit before all the deductions. I signed on with global tranz in early 2009 and have been trying to make it work ever since. I have quoted over 120 truckloads to prospective customers and have only won 7 loads. This was done by only adding 10% per shipment as opposed to global tranz suggested 20% starting quote mark up. The ltl rates are good but they rob you on your profit split. Their truckload rates are horrible based on my 120 quotes.

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