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Go Capital

We got this 2013 Volvo 780 which we was forced into back in July we have very high loan payments and the truck has been in the shop every two weeks I was told that if there are repairs that are needed for the truck we can afford to call them and they will take care of them. That doesn’t happen they lie every time and there answers change every time. They told me that it is there truck and they are responsible for the repairs and to bring it to a shop to get it looked at and send them the estimate and they will work on it. We have been here for 4 days now and lost out on several loads which is about 2500 for the week. We have already put in almost 11,000 dollars in repairs for this piece of s**t and they are refusing to fix it. The new repair bill is for things that if the brake the truck will not work totaling 4800.00 . I am talking to my attorney about these crooks. If you are looking to get a truck from this company do not sign with them you will get totally screwed. There are nothing but a lying bunch of crooks they will put you in a truck they want you in not what you want.

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