Godessmodel Builder Film Memorabilia

Godessmodel Builder Film Memorabilia

I did not receive my item after the 6 weeks , which I purchased in Feb 6 of 2013for 300.oo plus 15.00 shipping. He explained that it would take some time because it was a customized model that had to be built up.I waited another month and he told me it would be ready soon for shipping and to be patient. A few weeks went by with no item so I emailed the seller again and he left me a ?. This has not happened After numerous emails he stop replying. I keep getting promises with no results. However, I noticed he sold an estimated $4,169.81 on eBay through his store.. I could NOT place a claim in eBay because it went pass the 45 day requirement since the seller was conning me to think I would get the item soon.This is his tactic. eBay shows he has 100% positive feedback because he cons you pass the feedback time allotment. Stay Away from this seller
Stay away

  • #Alvin Breathwaite ?
  • #Alvin Breathwaite ?

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