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I deal with a guy named Michael Steinburg, who said was a direct lending company, Golden Asset Company. He lied the whole time. I got a call from a REAL lending company telling me they got a deal exactly like the one I had submitted to this company, but all the paperwork had my name on it. | The deal was approved and the day I was suppossed to get my commission, I got nothing. I called this guy Steinburg, and he stopped answering my calls. | I got a call from someone who said he was the company’s CEO, and he said he was talking to Steinburg, the real lending company and GAL attorney, and they were working to get the commission they owed me, or better yet, they STOLE FROM ME, and that they were going to give me the $8,000 in commission they stole. | I got another call yesterday from the real lending company CEO who told me he had never had a call from anyone from GAL. Golden Asset Lending is a bogus company who lies, steals and are still in business. | BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY AND ITS THIEFTS!!!

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  1. Claribel Delpaggio
    June 16, 2020

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