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Sorry ahead for my english I ordered gold in Revelation online, it was 5k. So when I entered the websait I was amazed by the prices and their promise for 8min until 24 hours delivery. This is the date when I ordered my gold: 18 Jul 2017, 14:44. Now is 23 july 2017 17:06 and everytime when im asking what about my gold im receiving that annoying answer, that was copy pasted of-course, the supplier is offline, please wait a bit more and we will call or send you an email. None of does things happened after 2 days so I asked for a refund, most of the times they were avoiding it by saying that they are sorry or dont worry you will get your gold. Anyways if any of you is really interested I can provide this all conversation trough pictures, ofc I SS everything. ps: few days passed the are converting my order from 5000k to 3800k already. I got 1000k tho and prolly wont see any other, they are ignoring and very annoying. The price rised, sorry, we can’t control the market. the supporter said he promise that he wont convert it question can u give me 1.8 all now? so can you give me that 1800k? ? can you answer? or you gonna keep ignoring? give me this dam 1800k and finish with the deal already ! Cindy 07-30 18:43:42 ? Cindy 07-30 18:43:46 sent? Hi, my number is [protected]. Qelacien can i have my gold? 1800k Cindy 07-30 18:46:32 yes good, where should i go to? Cindy 07-30 18:49:54 sent? what sent? Cindy pass the conversation to someone who is going to do hes work your troll isnt funny its just a very small part of how annoying and scamming they are, so see your self if u wanna spend your money on that.

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