Google Inc.

Google Inc.

On October 4 2018 I signed up for google ads, to advertise my business. I was told that I would have better control over my advertising dollars. This was not true. I was told that I can put it at $150 and when the clicks got close to reaching that, I would be notify and I could then pay for my ad. None of this happened. They also fabricated the clicks and phone calls I supposedly got. Then they charged me $350 for a month of service on 10/29/2018. On October 13 I received an email saying I could change my ad listing and on the 16th I recieved something about them changing how they were going to trace clicks. Not once have I received a notice about how much money was being spended. | Thank God I got Godaddy. I can track the clicks and who was calling me. Google shows 411 clicks between October 1 to 29th. I didn’t have there service October 1-3rd. and Godaddy shows 307 from September 29 to October 29th. The 4 phone calls I got 1 was from my Husband on my private number 1 was a client I did a job for two weeks before. 2 were from a known spam numbers. | When I tried to see who was doing the clicking a error message pops up saying that options is no longer available . When I ask the customer service person who is doing the clicks she just said ” it’s not your ip address”. | I was also told that I signed up for the wrong google ads by the customer service rep. This is after a customer service rep walked me through my sign up and said I would have more control with google ads. I have an email on October 4th saying ( I want to personally congratulate you on your new Google Ads account). So what are they talking about? | They set my billing account to automatic payments and I could not change it this morning when I saw that I was being overcharged. The whole point of me getting this service is so I could have better control over my spending. I trusted Google because I use them for so many other things and I have never had a problem with any of their other services. I even have google wallet no problems. I have google play no problems there. But with this, it’s a rip off. | I have copies of my emails and screen prints of my account before I cancel it. And the account pages have no information on them at all now.

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