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GPS America

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When you visit there website you see alto of unknown brand gps units. Suposidly geared for trucking. In this day and age gps software shouldn’t be that hard to create. They have proven otherwise. I purchased the mustang nominator gps. I new it was a knock off but the price was too tempting. It is unusable for a professional driver. It can not locate truck stops (50%) will not show in currently parked one and can’t find one within 30 miles. It doesn’t have the option to find parking on route, only at destination (with elogs this will not work). | When looking for fuel it pulls up every gas station possibks including costco (this is supposedly a truck gps). Then the fuel stops it find are out of order by distance. Then to top it off some of the on route fuel stops it locates are 30 miles off route. In sorry but anything more than 5 is off route. But for some reason it has clothing as an option. Even ask you braw and cup size. It can play movies like you need that while driving. In cheap and I know it. And I will make most things work, but this is unworkable.

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  1. Otha Pursifull
    June 16, 2020

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