Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church

On saturday on April 6 ,2019 , I’ve gone to grace church with friends to meet with them to eat breakfast at the grace day shelter for the community ,it’s not just for homeless people. The major problem that black men had came there and turn it into a hell hole against all women. i was talking to my male guy on the end I’ve met since I’ve been there and notice the black men has a problem with me speaking with them. | They had a problem with me speaking to anyone. ,then it turn into a big argument then on saturday. Then today on Tuesday, The 9th Of April 2019 , I get to talk to a new female trying to wake her up to go eat so that the men don’t go and eat all the food up from us as women. The man had the nerve to say something to me again , he didn’t know me nor that new lady, he had commanded her to sit down , she was trying to go to the bathroom , but he wanted her to sit down, told me to leave her alone. | i told that fool to stop talking to me, then he has threaten to take a plate and break it to stab me with it, i was ready to fight right then and there. the staff that worked there had told me to calm down , but they never had said anything to him. that is my whole point, they told me that they had heard he had threatened me, and didn’t call the police , they told me to calm down and don’t go outside. | This is the second time he has done this to me. then when i’ve been their a week and a half ago , i’ve brought a female friend with me , the guys got mad because we were on the computer we just had just sit down , other older black women told me that the men told them that they had to put their social security number on the form , but some of us didn’t want to becuase of of mail fraud. they were mocking us from the time we all came in all the staff workers at the desk,how can we trust them ? | Then the black guy had threaten a white guy on the computer to get up , he went to tell the staff they try to say it wasn’t no witnesses , it was i was there and my female friend was on the end of the computer where they wasa voilent threat coming from the black men who always there. they all team up together. The staff said that no one threaten that man , they did threaten that white man, he was manipulated by the staff to let it go. | It’s gotten into a big fight with me and I was ready to kick some a*s ,today. I’m a former officer of chicago, i’ve got another leutenant in in atlanta , the guy said to me that he didn’t care if i was a officer or not, I’ve moved to Washington , because i’ve received a email for promotion to work in the Private investigation Business, in the Criminal Justice system . | I’ve stared out as a wells fargo Guard service , we were baught out by Securitus security Company then later on , I’ve worker uncover officer in chicago in Loss prevention and other major duties my leutenant had given to me , and The City Council Of Chicago ,I’m a licensed “Activist “I was contracted in IPAC ,then they changed their name to “The City Council/ Citizens Action , , here learn more about it This man don’t care about women and these Staff workers are used to this man , we are all new comers and we are harassed by this man .make this man stop threatening women at this church , no telling how many more women he has already been messing with !

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