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Grads1st formerly Sudebt will call you, or has radio and facebook ads. In reality you can do this yourself and not pay them $695-$395. When talking to you, what they will do is go through the process of pulling up your loans on the website. You can do this yourself. | Depending on the amount and the type of loan you have, you may qualify for an income driven program. This is a government program, this is not provided by Grads1st. The plans are either Pay As You Earn, Income Based Repayment, and Income Contingent Repayment plan. All you need to do to get into these programs is have a direct loan consolidation, again, something you can do yourself. | If you made it this far; They will go over your budget, and see if you “qualify” for the “Hardship program” which does not exist. They will say the fee has been discounted from $1150 down to either $695,$595,$495, or $395. Again this is all scripted. | They are simply taking advantage of people, these people are not “counselors” they are employees from craigslist, usually 20 somethings. They have no actual certifications, and are paid minimum wage plus a small commission for tricking you into giving them money.

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