Granite Dental Care

Granite Dental Care

So, I’m clear about writing this report. The people at this dental office are very nice and considerate. My issue is that my crown fell off twich within months. I opted for the more expensive crown because it’s done in house. When it fell off the first time, they simply glued it back on. I had little to no pain. The second time I went it I was on vacation when the crown fell off, so I came in 7 or 8 days after it fell of. | The dentist scalpled my gum (this is the rear molar) and “cleaned” up the surface area. Ever since I got this crown I’ve been on ibuprophen and tylenol, switching back and forth, taking as little as needed. I called them last week and the front desk person told me to take meds, as I was explaining and confirming my issue he put me on hold. I really took it as they did not take my issue seriously. Today is 12/1/15 and I called again (Michael) at the front desk answerd. I asked him to have the dentist call me. I also expressed that I did not agree with him putting me on hold last week. | At this point I am concerned and told Michael my health is first priority. I will keep you posted on what happens next.

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